“Fuck, oh my God what was that” I ask myself thinking back to the mind blowing experience  I had last night.  The grip she had around my neck as she pounded me ever so deeply. The way she bit her lip while she hit stroke after stroke. Had me seeing stars and shit. The fact that I couldnt breathe my voice was caught in my throat right at the time of climax omg. My brain couldn’t get me to breathe fast enough but wow. I lay back in my bed, arms folded over my chest, looking over at the spot she was laying in. Why did she have to go to work today I need some more of her…all these years dealing with some ok, mediocre dick and I could of been getting mind blowing, stay hard all night, hitting all the right spots her….ugh this is life. I grab my phone, should I text or should I wait. Closing my eyes and all I see is her, the desire in her eyes while she claims and tames this pussy. “Fuck it, I’m going to text” I say to myself. 

Me: so about last night….


Her: What about it?😈

Me: I can’t get you outta my head

Her: Trust me I didn’t want to get out of your pussy

Me: 😍 I never thought I’d enjoy the choking so much

Her: ha, turned you onto some new new shit huh

Me: aren’t we cocky this morning

Her: oh I’m always COCK-Y all pun intended 

Me: whatever 

Her: when am I going to hit it again? 

Me: whenever you like

Her: guess you need to be calling out sick then 

Me: *fake coughs* I feel a tingle in my throat

Her: I’m on my way 

………To be continued 


Thanks Giving

If you look back to all the things that got you to this day this year, and regardless if there was a lack of money, you were out of a job, you were constantly working with no end in sight. But still thankful, thankful for the loved ones around you, the air in your lungs, the roof over your head and still blessed. No matter what things you may have lacked God still brought you through and that’s truly what there is to be Thankful for. Not just today but always. Happy thanksgiving to you all and God bless!“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His truth endures to all generations.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭100:4-5‬ ‭


Rummaging thru my thoughts, unsure of the best way to say this or speak that or write this or that. Opening up and  exposing my inner self that not many know, freeing my mind. Letting go of all expectations, feeling free to let it all flow.

Sip slow my love, drink of me, taste your sweet serenity. 

How does it taste as it coasts down your throat, sweet, sour a little sublime.

Love the taste of this nectar so Devine, only one will get it for the rest of all time. 

The drink of gods and goddesses, taste of honey flowing from the sky.

Sip slow my love, its not going anywhere, taste every part of me. 

Sip slow…



Where’s the safest place, what or who is your go to your sanity? As Quesemoto yells in The hunchback, “Sanctuary!” What is your sanctuary? In a world that gets so cold and even family or the closest of friends cannot protect you from. Sanctuary is so hard to find. 

The bell tolls, ding dong, ding dong

Looking up to the tower do you see it, can you feel it? 

Ding dong, the long ,loud gong and clang of the bell, it tolls. 

Running to the door banging as hard as my fists will allow, ding dong!

There goes the bell again, open please let me let me be! 

Banging as the bell tolls, shaking, sweating, my breath catching.

Sanctuary I need sanctuary..

Let me in I call, let me in please…..
To be continued…. 

signed Poohnanny 

The First…

Sometimes the thought of the first may make you nervous, you may quake in your boots, your knees may knock, you may bite your nails or even sweat a little bit. But that first no matter how nervous it may make you is still so sweet. So this first post this, first jump into a world that can be brutally honest and cut like the sharpest knife here it goes. Letting the viewers get a snippet into the  mind that is Pooh to the Nanny. Writing that at times doesn’t come fluid or smooth that may be a bit jumbled there may be days were it will be a simple rant, a snip or clip of a short story a poem to get you through and quench your thirst. I strive to make you think, at times make your mind wander to the unknown, make you contemplate yourself and your desire. Please comment, talk express how it made you feel. Signed always Poohnanny