Where’s the safest place, what or who is your go to your sanity? As Quesemoto yells in The hunchback, “Sanctuary!” What is your sanctuary? In a world that gets so cold and even family or the closest of friends cannot protect you from. Sanctuary is so hard to find. 

The bell tolls, ding dong, ding dong

Looking up to the tower do you see it, can you feel it? 

Ding dong, the long ,loud gong and clang of the bell, it tolls. 

Running to the door banging as hard as my fists will allow, ding dong!

There goes the bell again, open please let me let me be! 

Banging as the bell tolls, shaking, sweating, my breath catching.

Sanctuary I need sanctuary..

Let me in I call, let me in please…..
To be continued…. 

signed Poohnanny 

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