The First…

Sometimes the thought of the first may make you nervous, you may quake in your boots, your knees may knock, you may bite your nails or even sweat a little bit. But that first no matter how nervous it may make you is still so sweet. So this first post this, first jump into a world that can be brutally honest and cut like the sharpest knife here it goes. Letting the viewers get a snippet into the  mind that is Pooh to the Nanny. Writing that at times doesn’t come fluid or smooth that may be a bit jumbled there may be days were it will be a simple rant, a snip or clip of a short story a poem to get you through and quench your thirst. I strive to make you think, at times make your mind wander to the unknown, make you contemplate yourself and your desire. Please comment, talk express how it made you feel. Signed always Poohnanny

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