“Fuck, oh my God what was that” I ask myself thinking back to the mind blowing experience  I had last night.  The grip she had around my neck as she pounded me ever so deeply. The way she bit her lip while she hit stroke after stroke. Had me seeing stars and shit. The fact that I couldnt breathe my voice was caught in my throat right at the time of climax omg. My brain couldn’t get me to breathe fast enough but wow. I lay back in my bed, arms folded over my chest, looking over at the spot she was laying in. Why did she have to go to work today I need some more of her…all these years dealing with some ok, mediocre dick and I could of been getting mind blowing, stay hard all night, hitting all the right spots her….ugh this is life. I grab my phone, should I text or should I wait. Closing my eyes and all I see is her, the desire in her eyes while she claims and tames this pussy. “Fuck it, I’m going to text” I say to myself. 

Me: so about last night….


Her: What about it?😈

Me: I can’t get you outta my head

Her: Trust me I didn’t want to get out of your pussy

Me: 😍 I never thought I’d enjoy the choking so much

Her: ha, turned you onto some new new shit huh

Me: aren’t we cocky this morning

Her: oh I’m always COCK-Y all pun intended 

Me: whatever 

Her: when am I going to hit it again? 

Me: whenever you like

Her: guess you need to be calling out sick then 

Me: *fake coughs* I feel a tingle in my throat

Her: I’m on my way 

………To be continued 


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