Kneel for me and kiss these lovely toes, take them kisses to these thighs and to your prize.

Knight me and take me in your arms, let me feel your lips.

Pull my hair, and claim me, choke me and hold me tight.

Have your way with me as I am yours, your loyal subject your doting lady.

Let us please each other and take each other to ecstasy.

The kingdom will be at peace as our union reaches climax.

The houses will align and two will become one in heavenly lustful bliss.

Whips and chains maybe necessary in these conquests but we’ll store them in the dungeon for playtime.

This is our royal way of love making full of pleasure and pain.

“The Weather”

This weather is cuddle up and snuggle weather.

That Netflix and chill, lay up and play weather.

This is that weather that gets Pooh caught up.

The weather that makes the Pooh- NANNY jump.

Drip, drop, howl of the wind, this is the weather that makes us sin.

The weather where all inhibitions are thrown to the wind.

This is that lose yourself in him or her weather where nothing else matters and you

can blame….. The Weather!


When it’s time you’d better grab me up and rub me down.

Sometimes I’d rather be finessed before you go to town.

Our love making should be like Trey Songz and have the neighbors know our names.

With our sweat dripping off our bodies, like the flow of the Thames.

Our interludes always leave us breathless and satisfied, but ready to ride all over again.

This is no bargain barrel loving, this is top notch Versace, Louis Vuitton loving.

The kind that has your heart racing and your head spinning and left delirious by the sounds of our moans and groans lingering in the air.


Grab me up, pull my hair, tell me to stay right there…

Bite my lip, moan a bit, yes that’s the spot.

Let me moan in your ear!

Spread my legs just that far; have your way with me and not just sub-par!

I want to feel you deep, so deep my soul tingles from you.

Slide in, oooo just so, go slow! I need it all, and please don’t let me fall.

Even though pain is pleasure, I just don’t know how to measure.

Let me be your sexual muse, your ultimate seductress, I’ll be the one to impress!